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UPDATED: August 19th, 2017 Wondering what that navy vessel is in the harbour this weekend? Take a peek at this article I wrote in 2014 that tells you all about it. As of this edit, there are four other vessels of this same class under construction in Portugal – Sines, Setúbal, Funchal, and Aveiro – at the WestSea Shipyard. Sines was launched on May 3rd, 2017 and is set to join the navy June of next year (2018). Setúbal is on schedule to be launched in 2019. Funchal and Aveiro are scheduled to begin construction later this year. The Viana do Castelo-class ships will gradually replace the current…

August 16, 2017 OriginalShipster

Summertime in St. John’s is my favourite time of year for just so, so many reasons. The sun shines, the trees get their leaves, flowers bloom and for a few short months, we can forget how quickly this beautiful place will change into a frozen hellscape. The best part of summer, of course, is that new ships start to arrive in the harbour. You’ve seen me write about this before, usually in reference to “Cruise Ship Season”. While I do appreciate the technological and architectural marvels that are the massive passenger liners, it’s the research, naval, and other more unique…

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The Canada C3 is currently finishing up its tour of the Atlantic coast and heading to the Arctic Ocean. She stopped off here from July 10th-11th, and I was lucky enough to squeeze a tour of the vessel in before heading to work. So let’s talk about the history of the Polar Prince, and look at her current role as the literal flagship for Canada 150. Ship Stats Nationality: Canadian Length: 67.5m Beam: 14.7m Weight: 2,062 tonnes Draught: 5m Speed: 14.5 knots Capacity (present day): 60 Year: 1958 The need for Canadian icebreakers was realized during the early 1900’s to manage ice flow…

August 15, 2016 OriginalShipster

Just over a week ago, a new ship came sailing through the Narrows. The M/V Arctic Sunrise, operated by Greenpeace, arrived in St. John’s on August 3rd and yours truly, curious to learn what brought her here, popped down and was able to chat with some members of her crew. Ships Stats Nationality: The Netherlands Length: 49.5 metres Beam: 11.5 metres Draught: 5.3 metres Weight: 1,478 tonnes Crew: 16 Speed: 13 knots Year: 1975 Built by Vaagen Verft in Norway in 1975, the Arctic Sunrise was originally christened as the sealer, PolarbjØrn. (more…)

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Since moving to Newfoundland, I’ve been fortunate enough to see a handful of tall ships come through the Narrows into St. John’s; each one an ambassador from their home country with special trimmings representing where they’ve come from, and all of them majestic reminders of a bygone era. Honestly, that awestruck feeling of seeing a tall ship in the harbour never goes away. June 7th, 2016 was no exception when this ship graced our harbour with its presence. Today, I’m writing about the tall ship Simón Bolívar. Figurehead on the bow of the Simón Bolivar. (more…)

June 16, 2015 OriginalShipster

Hello all! The format for “This Week in the Harbour” is going to be a bit different going forward. Rather than showcasing the ships in one long post, I’m going to do shorter posts highlighting each individual ship. This week, we’re going to start with the first cruise ship of the St. John’s season that arrived on May 26th. This was the MS Marina. (more…)

January 18, 2015 OriginalShipster

As I have mentioned before, during the winter traffic tends to slow through St. John’s Harbour. We get the usual suspects going in and out, but it’s rare that we have visits from ships that don’t call this particular port home. This week, however, we had one such visitor, and since I haven’t covered a Halifax-class ship yet, this week we are looking at the HMCS Toronto. (more…)

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Last week, I received a message from Martin LeDuc, Chief Engineer on the McKeil Marine owned tug Beverly M I. The Beverly was in St. John’s for some maintenance and was moored at NewDock – Martin wanted to know if I was interested in a tour of the tug. I jumped at the opportunity, so Saturday afternoon, myself and Scott Humber of Scott Humber Photography headed down to the dock and met up with Martin for a tour of the ship. (more…)

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Hello all! Winter is just around the corner in St. John’s. It’s gotten much colder, though we haven’t had any snow yet (only a matter of time if the rest of the province is anything to go by). As everyone knows, with winter comes ice, and without this weeks ship a lot of communities would be sealed off for most of this cold season. This week, I am profiling the heaviest icebreaker in the Canadian Coast Guard fleet, the CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent. (more…)

October 25, 2014 OriginalShipster

Hello all! The traffic in the harbour has started to slow as we move into the autumn, so I’m going to be changing the format a bit. Every Friday I will be showcasing one particular ship that calls St. John’s home. I will report any new ships that sail in, of course, but this way I’d like to focus on ships that are more local rather than visiting. To start this off, I’m going to feature one of my favourite Canadian Coast Guard vessels, the CCGS Ann Harvey. (more…)