Who is the Original Shipster?

Born and raised in Ontario, Heather has always had a passion for maritime history. After completing her Bachelors Degree at Trent University, and a Museum Management and Curatorship Post-Graduate Diploma at Fleming College, Heather headed to the rocky shores of St. John's, NL to complete an internship. She fell in love with the province, and has been here ever since.

If there’s a body of water, I can almost guarantee you there’s a wreck somewhere under the surface.

This blog is a place where all those years of stories, histories, and narratives come together. Maritime travel was an essential component in the creation of Canada, and yet remains one of the least well known. Heather searches for stories from every province and territory to shine a light on these ships, boats, barges, and the individuals who were on board. Her hope is to find an accessible, clear way to share a piece of history that otherwise may go unrecognized. 


When she isn't researching the past, Heather can be found down in the harbour, learning about the ships coming in and out of St. John's. Since starting her blog in 2014, she's been fortunate enough to interview crew members on tugs, anchor towing vessels, ice breakers, and the crews of the Arctic Sunrise and C3/Polar Prince.

Currently a graduate student at Memorial University, Heather's academic research focuses on the experiences of women in the maritime sector - those who train for trades in fields that are traditionally male-dominated.  

If you are a maritime professional, historian, or just generally a ship enthusiast and you have questions or stories to share, don't hesitate to reach out! You can find the Original Shipster on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or just send her an e-mail

Enjoy exploring the maritime world! See you in the harbour.