Discovery Channel is Premiering a New Show and it's Going to be Awesome

I’m sure it will come as a surprise to no one that I love marine-themed shows. When I was living in Ontario, my parent’s PVR was always up to date with the latest episodes of Mighty Ships (and reruns) or whatever maritime documentaries I wanted to watch. When I first came to St. John’s, I was thrilled to find the CCGS Terry Fox moored in harbour, having just watched the episode that featured her the week before. 

Don’t even get me started on Deadliest Catch. #CorneliaMarie and #TimeBandit forever! Fight me.

Behind the scenes of #DisastersatSea. Image from Discovery Channel.

Behind the scenes of #DisastersatSea. Image from Discovery Channel.

I’m also a huge fan of investigative TV. One of my sisters is quite an aviation aficionado, so when I wasn’t watching ships cruising through the waves, she would have Mayday on, watching investigators pour over crash sites trying to find answers. I have a twinge of regret for that every time I am sitting on a tarmac waiting for a flight to take off (seriously folks, never take your seatbelt off), but it always made for compelling television.

So, you can imagine how stoked I was when I found out Discovery Channel is releasing a new investigative series called Disasters at Sea.  

 Yes, please! Sign me up. I’ll be on my couch. Please send popcorn. 

Behind the scenes of #DisastersatSea. Image from Discovery Channel.

The inaugural season takes a look at six of the most tragic deep-sea disasters of the last forty years, diving into the stories and bringing viewers into every tense moment with archival footage, re-enactments, CGI and special effects. From cargo ships to fishing vessels to cruise ships, each episode brings you right alongside the rescuers and crew as they fight to stay alive, and into the room with the investigators searching for explanations.

 The show premieres on April 16th, 2019 at 10:00pm EST/11:30pm NST. I will be drinking coffee and live-tweeting, so if you’re watching along, feel free to join in on the conversation #DisastersatSea!

Check out the show’s official site for some more sneak peeks, and keep an eye on my InstagramTwitter and Facebook for more info as we get closer to the day. 

In the meantime, watch the trailer and get excited!