Introduction: From Ontario to the Ocean

I've been interested in ships and shipwrecks since I was a kid. I distinctly remember learning the story of the RMS Titanic when I was four years old, and then driving my grandfather crazy while belting out the song "They Built the Ship Titanic" over and over again for hours. She was the first ship I fell in love with, and I was hooked.

As I got older, my interests diversified (as they do). Even though there would be years where my books on Titanic and other ships like her stayed on the shelves as I read about Anthropology or learned French and Japanese, I always came back to them. When I finished my post-grad and had to pick where my internship was going to be, it only seemed fitting that I pick somewhere on the coast.

The minute I landed in St. John's and stood at the side of the harbour, I was taken in by the diversity of the ships there. I had just watched an episode of Mighty Ships and had seen the special on the CCGS Terry Fox, and suddenly there she was, 10ft from me. Ever since then, I've sought out information on every "pretty boat" that has come in through the Narrows.

I created this blog to share my love of ships, both past and present. The format is going to be as follows: Mondays will be "On the Waves", featuring a ship or shipwreck from the past. Fridays are "This Week in the Harbour", which will feature a select few of the ships that have come into the harbour and talk about their functions.

I hope you all enjoy!