In The Harbour: August 22nd-28th

Deanna Dean

She was actually here last week, but i didn't have a chance to wrote about her. This fishing boat is actually from the Bay Verte area, and doesn't make trips into St. John's very often.

Her fishing trips usually have her at sea for four or five days, returning to port to offload their catch of turbot, shrimp or crab, and then heading out again until the season ends. She's 14 years old, but has been so well cared for that you wouldn't know it to look at her.

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Over the Waves: SS Charcot

The SS Charcot was a whaling vessel owned by the Hawke Whaling Co. She and her four sister ships, the SS Southern Foam, the SS Sposa, the SS Stoika, and the SS Sukha, sank in this area in the 1960s. The Southern Foam and Sukha were deliberately scuttled by their owner. The Charcot was destined for the same fate, but bad weather pulled her from her moorings and drove her onto the shore. For years some locals discussed pulling her out and sinking her entirely, but for now she and her sister ships are being marketed as underwater tourism attractions.

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